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A quiet evening (for once) at the mansion, and it was ruined by a ringing phone.

Logan had been kicking back, but it seems like no one is going to answer the line.


They bitch about the way he answers the phone and talks to people on the line, and yet they leave it to him to pick it up.

Shaking his head and growling to himself, Logan snatches the phone up.



Oct. 23rd, 2007 09:06 pm
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Things aren't always what they seem.

That's what he'd told Bucky as he explained his intentions to break into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier holding the body of Captain America to determine if it really was him.

Everyone saw the footage, knew what happened. Steve in chains on the courthouse steps. The shot. The following chaos.

Many didn't want to believe it, even some of those who were there.

Logan didn't buy it at all. Not until he could see, and smell, the body for himself.

So he worked it out with Steven Strange to make it so he could get onboard the carrier without being detected. Having to cut through battalions of soldiers and whatever supers they had on board might help him feel better but it wouldn't let him get his task done so stealth was best.

He had another task aboard the carrier as well. And this one he'd need some back up for.


It wasn't hard to find the man. A quick stop in Hell's Kitchen, a bit of tracking and there he was. Daredevil. It's amazing, after all the man had been through to see him still in uniform, still working his beat. Murdock must be out of his mind and Logan respects him for it.

It goes fairly well, especially considering that on one of thier last meetings Logan had tried to kill the man. Logan always thought Matty was a pretty decent guy. And with a helluva nose too which was what he asked to borrow for the night. Matt agreed because, like others, he wanted to know.


Strange worked his magic and got them onboard. Undetectable by people, sensors, all those fancy things Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D had set up to keep track of everyone onboard and find out real quick when any unwanteds showed up. Logan and Matt could probably get around all that but it'd take time and be a damned inconvienance. Strange's way was simpler, let them get to the job quicker and Logan appreciated that.

First stop was a cell. Crossbone's cell. The man who supposedly killed Captain America. Matt made to argue, Logan won him over by explaining why he didn't bring it up before. Because Matt probably would have said no. Since he was there already he went along with it.

Logan asked the questions, nicely at first. Even gave the man a gun to even things up a bit. Matt used those senses of his to read the man's breathing and heartrate to determine if the guy was telling the truth. He was. As far as he knew it.

He didn't shoot Cap. He didn't know who did. Didn't know who told him to take the shot.

That's not want Logan wanted to hear. He pressed. He worked the guy, dismissing Matt's protests. This guy had to know something. He's not as dumb as he looked and Logan knew it. All Crossbones wanted to know is what the gun was for. He knew. Logan was sure he'd figure it out, and eventually he did.

Logan told him how everyone would be laughing in the end, laughing at the hitman who was too lousy to hit his shot and too dumb to know anything of importance. Crossbones didn't really like that all too much and finally picked up the gun and unloaded it into the feral mutant. And that's all Logan needed.

He's done the countdown plenty of times. It's always funny. With his fist pressed against the man's throat he gave him to the count of three to spill what he knew. Each number was marked with a claw. One on the right side of the man's face, tearing the mask he was wearing, one on the left side of his face, cutting the cheek. Matt stopped him before he let the third out. Which was fine. The man wasn't worth it.

Waste of time. Guy knew squat and wasn't the killer.

He didn't get out clean though. Logan retracted the claws and slugged Crossbones across the face. He could hear and feel the man's jaw break and felt a grim pleasure when he saw a few teeth on the floor.

Time was up and they still hadn't gotten thier main task done. Like a trooper Matt wanted to stay. Logan told him he didn't need the trouble Logan has and what he'd be bringing. In a smart move Murdock left.


The room wasn't hard to find. Strange's spell was ready to wear off in a minute or two when he got there but Logan only needed a few seconds. Just lift the coffin and smell what's inside.



"It's him."

Stark's voice, all metallic from that armor he had on, trying to sound mournful and coming off too much like a robot as he stood in the doorway. Strange's spells had worn off but that was no problem. Logan was done there.

And despite being on the wanted list of unregistered superhumans Stark let him go. Why? To be the messenger of course.

Many people have had doubts that it was Steve Rogers who was shot and killed on those steps. Logan left the hellicarrier bearing the news that it was him.

Captain America was dead.
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Its rare for Logan to just be able to sit and not have to really think about much of anything. Not have to be ready for the next attack on the mansion or for some idiot from his past to show up and start up old fights again. It's kinda nice. While it lasts.

But he's talked to Piotr and it's time to head back. Check in on things and see where the damn world has gotten itself while they've been gone. Truth told Logan was getting a little stir crazy as well, which he's using to explain the fight with Jayne (also the guy was an ass and dumb to boot so he pretty much had it coming), and it's time to move on.

For a bit, he fully intends to come back.

So, using the spare time left before heading out of the bar, Logan's out on the porch making use of the wooden bench swing he came across and enjoying what's left of his time here.

And waiting for Kate.

This is one occasion where he's decided not to just pull a vanishing act.
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Logan has been gone awhile. Nothing new there. While the rest of the hero community was fighting each other and most of the X-men were sitting out he'd gone to look for the one who'd started this whole mess in the first place. The guy who'd blown up all those people, all those kids, and gotten away afterwards. 

He tracked the man down and found out that there was more to it then just some superhuman punk going nuclear on reality-tv. There was someone giving the guy a boost, and keeping him out of the reach of those looking for him. So, Logan continued on past Nitro and to those who were supplying him with the MGH that hopped him up enough so he was able to cause an explosion like that. And Logan took care of them too. 

Things like that take time, they kept him out of the war which is probably for the best in many respects. It meant he wasn't out there possibly killing more heroes. It also kept him from being there when some of the X-men left the 'neutral' ground they'd been standing on and headed for the front lines. It meant he wasn't there when one of them was caught.  

He heard about it of course. He also heard when the riot took place and that X-man was rescued by another. She didn't make it back to the mansion though. Which made sense, first place the authorities would look. The problem was he couldn't find her himself. Being the best there is at what you do should count for something, especially when trying to track a friend but there was no sign, no trail to trace her by. She was gone. 

So he came back looking for answers. And the one man who should have them. 

Logan is there waiting, standing in the middle of the room, arms crossed when the door to Piotr's room opens and the big Russian walks in. No one else knows he's come back. He's not interested in any of them at the moment. Just the tin man stepping in. 
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Logan knelt down over the table and lined up his shot. He gave a hard knock to the cue ball, harder than necassary even for breaking, and watched as the group burst up and thumped around the table. Not one of them sunk. Growling in irritation he chalked up his stick and walked around the table angling for a shot. He'd been at it for awhile now, this and other activities to try and ease his anger ever since he'd found Kitty's note, leaving a wake of destruction behind.

His room where he'd found her paper was a shambles, the garage where he'd gone and found his bike missing one tire in a show she wanted him to stay was a wreck, and the hallway just outside her door was even a bit messed up. It took everything for him too stay outside the door and not go tearing into her or Kurt's room. In fact the Danger room had paid much the price for that's where he'd headed after halting himself at her door. From there it was the kitchen, the patio and now the rec room. She'd gotten back with Kurt somewhere between here and his mad pacing outside but he'd stayed away. For several reasons, for one he wasn't entirely as forgiving of Kurt as Kitty would be, especially after how much danger she'd put herself into tonight to save him.

He warned her, reminded her constantly of how much she needed to be careful. If something had happened tonite to her or the baby...he didn't want to think about it. Instead he tried to calm down and took a shot at the nine ball. And knocked it off the table. Nope, this didn't seem to be working either.
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Logan crouched on a log, sniffing the air as he also listened carefully to the woods around him. He moved with great purpose, a hunter on the trail and the importance of his prey showed in his body and actions as he tracked through the forest.

The air was cool and he felt the breeze touch against his skin and become a little chilly against the damp spot on his shoulder. Kitty had cried, enough to soak his shirt through and she was crying about Kurt. She was worried, frightened even about him and what he was becoming. The boy had made so much progress and now it was rapidly fading away and he was quickly reverting.

And Kitty was blaiming herself. Logan couldn't have that, he wouldn't allow Kitty to become unhappy again and he wouldn't let the Elf lose himself. So he was out here searching with the intention of bringing him back, both home and back to himself.

Night out

Apr. 12th, 2005 01:52 am
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Helluva night. In a good way though, amazingly. Kit an I left the mansion for a bit of stress release and wound up at a bar. Kitty played some pool and pissed off a few guys, led to our first round of knockin guys around. Finished up there and headed out and tangled with a buncha cops. News report later said it was a buncha terrorists who wiped the floor with an entire precinct, got a laugh outta that.

Few things durin the night weren't so good though. For one what led to us goin out was me fallin off the damn porch swing after havin a damn nightmare. Gotta be careful with that, next time it might be one of the kids I cut instead of just a swing chain. We also ran into Magneto. Said he came to congratulate us for runnin off Xavier, and takin care of his kids. I let Kit talk ta him, don't got any reasons of my own to trust him.

Aside from all of that ain't much else. Think I'm gonna crash for a bit, don't want to sleep to long but a couple hours shouldn't hurt and I actually feel ready to after tonight. Just hope Kit does okay running like she is.
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Well, so much for bein paternal or whatever the hell ya call it. Found the elf down in the danger room and saw that he actually did have a few moves on him. Held his own real good. So I get the bright idea ta go down an talk to him, see about gettin him to maybe get past the scared an timid thing. Woulda been better off teachin the kid how to fly, that's how well it went.

I know squat about kids an even less about getting them through those hard teenage times in life. Think our talk scared an upset him more than anything else an I sure as hell don't feel any better for it. Guess I gotta leave the raisin stuff up to the others like Kitty. I'll stick with cuttin an guttin those real threats stupid enough to harm him when I'm around. Otherwise I'm keepin out of the kids business, got no real right tryin to help anyway I s'pose.
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Actually ran into somethin new today, an like always when something like that happens it ain't good. A witch, a god damn real witch. And she's after Kurt. Kitty's been tryin to dig up what she can but so far it seems like a buncha garbage about all the stories you've ever heard that made you sure witches weren't real. The only one at hand right now who might know somethin about this girl is off her rocker an I'm sure the broomstick rider herself ain't gonna say much. Less of course I ask real nicely but I'm not sure Kit wants that yet otherwise she'd have probably done it already.

That leaves me sittin on my ass wonderin who I should be takin care of at thier school. Way the elf an some of the others come back sometimes its hard not to show up an start cuttin. memory I'm glad I ain't got.

Story Scene

Apr. 1st, 2005 09:48 pm
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Logan sat out on a white swinging bench hanging from the back porch of the mansion. His eyes were fixed out on the horizon watching as the sun set over the trees. The chain squeaked lightly as the bench swung back and forth and he began to doze off.

He was awaken by the sound of chopper blades slicing through the air on thier approach. His eyes snapped open and he looked out over the trees and saw the forms of helicopters caught in the moonlight. He snarled and moved to get up and then felt the cold steel of a gun muzzle pressed against his ear. "Hey there Wolverine...miss me? We sure missed you." He growled low and attacked. The movement was fast and fierce, his arm swinging around and claws extending in one swift motion. There was the sound of metal slicing coinciding or being followed quickly after with a sharp bang.

The porch swing crashed down on the porch with a loud bang and Logan fell out of it with a resounding thud. He got up snarling and whirling around and growled in annoyance when he saw the porch and sky empty. Straightening up Logan retracted his claws and grumbled in irritation as he tried to smooth down his raised neck hairs and looked at the mess he'd made of the porch swing.
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I ain't never been a guy to stay anywhere for any length of time with anyone. Hell I admit it, I don't like people. I usually hate someone straight off or wind up hatin them before too long, and more often than not it ends in blood. That's my nature, others deal and I settle.

So why am I still here with this group of kids and this half ass team? I guess its cus they need me and I sure as shit ain't got no other place ta go. SHIELD will be lookin for me soon enough and its just askin for trouble stayin here with Xavier knowin what he's doin an got planned. But what the hell do I care? I can handle ol' baldy soon as Kit gives the word on that prophesy crap being done with, and SHIELD ain't hardly got nothin I can't handle. I let em keep me there an if they think they can drag me back they got another thing comin.

Kids worry me though. Can't have any of them caught in the crossfire if any one outta my past comes lookin. Then again I can't just leave this bunch alone here with Charlie neither. So I guess there's the answer. I'm here cus my ass is stuck. Don't know where the hell I got this sudden sense of caring about others but I've taken it up to look after Kit an her group and I'll see it through. Come hell, high water or a bald telepath an an army of soldiers I've made it my job to stick up for em an as long as this body a mine holds out I'm doin it.
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Real name: Logan (Very few people know him by this however)
Code name: Wolverine, Weapon X
Occupation: Weapon, soldier, hunter, wild man.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 275lbs

Physical Description: Wolverine is a short but well built individual. His muscles are well toned and he carries a rugged look about him. Most of his features make him seem not only aggressive, but animalistic. His hair and sideburns seem like fur and the crouching stance he usually takes is that of a predator ready to attack. His eyes are sharp and keen, holding much pain and anger behind them and also a touch of wisdom. Wisdom that comes from a long harsh life.

He usually wears dark brown and orange uniform, the mask almost always on. Being a part of SHIELD that they are prone to hide and deny he does not have one of their customary uniforms and could really care less. His costume suits him better, giving him an animalistic and fearsome appearance. When he does wear anything else its usually worn jeans and a black t-shirt or old flannel topped off with a faded cowboy hat.

Mutant powers: Healing factor that allows him to recover from almost any wound. His body can repair it self from numerous kinds and amounts of wounds with the time it takes depending on the severity. Drawbacks to this are the healing process crams all the pain associated with repairing wounds into a short period of time. There is also a draining of energy resulting from this that makes his metabolism screwy. Because of his healing factors Logan's age is nearly impossible to determine.

Along with the healing factor Logan also has animal keen senses. All five senses are enhanced to a large degree beyond normal humans and make him a prime tracker, able to stalk undetected, and makes it hard for anyone to sneak up on him. These abilities have created a very animalistic side to Logan, one that those who use him as a weapon garner and embrace. Depending on the situation Logan allows it to come forward or suppresses it.

Skills: A fighter born and bred. He's weapon in the eyes of everyone around him and as a result he has been trained in many forms of martial arts and fighting. His fighting skills are enhanced by his claws and animal ferocity. And when things get really tough he has a berserker rage that makes him near unstoppable while also burying any sign of humanity in favor of instinct and ferocity. In his normal state of mind a psi would be hard pressed to read his thoughts without working hard at it. When he goes into a berserker rage there is nothing they can do against him. He isn’t thinking. He’s fighting and running completely on survival instinct and rage.

Logan's heightened senses and experience in the wilds also make him an excellent tracker and thereby an excellent killer. SHIELD uses both these abilities to their advantage. Sending him in to clean up or quietly take out situations that regular government agencies couldn't touch.

History: Much of Logan's past is a mystery. What is known is it has been fraught with pain. He does know at some point he was part of an experiment that resulted in his bones being fused with the metal adamantium and his claws. His memories begin shortly after this with his waking in the forest covered in blood and armed with six lethal claws.

Wandering around dazed and disoriented, his healing factor overtaxed from the procedure and escape he nearly died out in the wilderness. Stumbling into a small mountain town bar and diner he was met with instant hostility. A wounded animal, Logan’s instincts kicked in and his berserker rage is unleashed. Everyone who didn’t immediately flee in the diner is killed and Logan collapsed, exhaustion finally claiming him. The local authorities are called in and manage to apprehend him, only for him to recover, claws his way out of the jail and cell taking a deputy’s life along the way and escape out into the wilds.

Reports of this Wildman reach the powers that be of the Canadian government’s Department H and a team is sent out. Alpha Flight manages to corner Logan and after a bloody battle somehow manage to bring him in. Seeing a new nearly unstoppable weapon in their hands the government decides to use Logan to their advantage. It takes quite a bit to bring him back to a man enough for him to understand the deal they wish to make but eventually they do and Logan becomes the a member of Alpha Flight, codename Wolverine.

They use him in tight situations where bringing in an individual alive isn’t necessarily a priority. He also makes a good tracker for them, helping hunt down, and usually kill, those on the governments most wanted lists, and in espionage work. His hunter’s stealth skills making him an excellent spy.

As time goes on, however, Logan realized more and more how much he is being used here. Growing restless and angry Logan becomes more and more aggressive towards his teammates. On a mission Vindicator lets it slip about Dept. H’s decision to discover how Wolverine’s skeleton was created, by experimenting on him. Betrayed and already fed up Logan loses it and attacks Vindicator, gutting the man and escaping.

He crosses the border into upstate New York and spends quite some time wandering the forests there. He makes only a very few trips into the towns there but they do not go unnoticed and soon SHIELD sets their sights on him. Seeing a unique opportunity to gain an asset but also knowing the mistakes made by Dept. H Nick Fury and SHIELD move in, using a different method of approach. They make him an honest deal, promising immunity for his crimes and protection from the officials on the other side of the border, as well as a paycheck and place to stay. What really pulls Logan in; however, is their promise to share with him information supposedly recovered from the program that gave him his skeleton and claws. Information regarding his past.

Seeing no real threat he couldn’t handle and wanting the answers Logan joins, only to realize later that he’s in a situation that isn’t very dissimilar to the one before. SHIELD soon uses him for much the same purpose Alpha Flight had, only giving him a limited freedom he didn’t have before to throw him off. He knows, however, that he’s being used. The answers they promised are not given, bits and small pieces are provided but merely as a dangled carrot to keep leading him along.

He is still with SHIELD now but ready to change that. They send him out on missions that when completed are covered up and kept hidden from the general public. Logan knows he’s a part of SHIELD they would rather not admit too and may use that to his advantage. For now he plays along until an opportunity presents itself and the chance to unleash his claws on another betrayer comes along.

Personality: Logan is mean. He is very mean and angry and would sooner relieve you of your insides than share a word. He’s very aggressive and more an animal than a man. Probably because of the life he’s led and the situations he’s been forced to. Being an experiment, weapon and used by everyone he comes across does not do much to make him a more pleasant. There are a lot of things screwed up in his life and he’s constantly in situations where he’s not in control and thus his aggression raises until the berserker emerges and tries to turn the tables.

There are times though, when he shows a lot more humanity than has ever been shown him. He has for example a sense of honor. Small and hidden as it is he holds onto it, suppressing it for fear of others seeing it as a weakness and yet trying to foster it. Hoping to bring back some of what he lost when he became an animal and weapon. Given the chance and a better place Logan could be a very decent person. As it is though he’s a loner whose been thrust into undesirable situations among less than good company and finds aggression and violence the only way to have any effect on what happens to him.

Likes: Mostly to be left alone. Enjoys a cold draft and hot meal. The closest place he has ever felt at home at is in the woods. And while this bothers him a bit he still enjoys being there.

Dislikes: All the team leaders he’s ever had. Cops and authorities. Being shot in the head and being dunked underwater.
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